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 “Conquering the Challenges of Low Volume, Production Injection Molding, & 3D Printed Prototypes”

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What’s your challenge today?

You’ve developed your product to the point of market readiness. You’ve checked and double checked every aspect of your concept. You’ve spent numerous hours on the product design and now it’s time to make parts. The only decision you need to make is which process do you chose for manufacturing?     

At Midwest Mold, our capabilities have been honed around your needs! Our talented design department will take your “ready for market” product designs, engineer Rapid Injection Molds, produce 3D Printed Prototypes, or Production Tooling and we don’t stop there!  Perfect! Now it’s time to bring your design to life and develop your checklist for the process you’ve chosen.                                                                                       

Low V Article

Low Volume Injection Mold Made Parts


Low V Article 3D Pic

3D Printed Part w/ CAD Data & Printer

Low Volume/Production  : Rapid Prototype 3D Printing
1.      Idea                                1.  Idea
2.      Concept                         2.  CAD Designing
3.      Product Design             3.  CAD File Upload
4.      Tool Build                      4. 3D Printer Layering
5.       Molded Part Made      5. 3D Prototype Part Made

We can assist you by offering in-house product development to ensure proper molding conditions and part adherence. We will guide you through the material selection, assisting you with the advanced injection mold materials developed for the ease of molding, durability and your personal designed conditions. We also have this same availability and skill set for 3D rapid prototype printing as well. Product feasibility time will be included using our proven design techniques to dial in your products functionality. Our in-house mold design will maintain the strict dimensional accuracy we demand internally and you as a customer expect for producing your product! Midwest has the experience to understand which process is ideal for your part.

Midwest Mold has the knowledge and technology to handle the challenges and demands from our customers. Whether its rapid prototypes in 10 hours or 1 million annual parts from a production mold, Midwest has those capabilities! Upon completion of our low volume or production mold, we gather up all the information accumulated for the build, set the tool in one of our in house presses and make you the product as expected on time and in spec! Delivering you “Success at the Press”.

Don’t get left in the dust on your projects.  Midwest Mold treats every customer and opportunity with honesty, integrity, and service. You didn’t get to this site by luck or chance, it was fate! So allow Midwest Mold the chance to take your product from napkin to market quickly, while never sacrificing quality and customer requirements.Midwest Mold would love the opportunity to discuss and assist you on your project! Feel free to give us a ring and see what your partners in plastic can do for you!                                                  

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