Markets Servedby Midwest Mold

Markets Served

Our team of highly trained professionals at Midwest Mold is committed to serving customers in a wide variety of markets with our plastic injection molds, plastic parts, plastic products and plastic assemblies.

Midwest Mold Automotive TrimAutomotive & Motorcycle Parts

Whether you need a specific decorative trim part, assembly or connecting or brace rod, we can help. Midwest Mold produces precision low and high-volume appearance items for many automotive components and assemblies.  Components such as door handles, dashboard parts, console assemblies, shifter handles and assemblies door sill and fuse box covers, handles as well as many other covers and appearance items.

Automotive Aftermarket Plastic PartsAutomotive Aftermarket Trim, Connectors & Other Plastic Parts

Finding plastic parts to replace worn, broken or missing ones on older cars is a hard task.  If you are a distributor who is looking for a low volume supplier to produce such parts, consider Midwest Mold a partner in your venture. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for low quantity and affordability.  Contact Midwest Mold to find out how we fit in the automotive aftermarket and how we can fit into you next aftermarket project.

Spring MowAgriculture/Lawn & Garden Plastic Products

The Farm, Agriculture and Lawn & Garden Industries have been using Midwest Mold as their preferred supplier of Plastic Injection Molds as well as trim, support, and reinforcement parts alike. Lawn & Garden Manufacturers agree that Midwest’s vast expertise and experience in mold making make them an excellent source for plastic parts and assemblies.

Consumer Goods for the Manufacturer, Distributor & Inventor

Have an item you need to directly provide to the consumer? Midwest Mold is an excellent manufacturer to contact. Single-shot or 2-Shot capable, Midwest Mold is available and ready to support you high or low volume needs. Parts to consider would be plastic tools and tool handles, radio covers, phone or mp3 protective cases, toy parts, food consumption related items like plastic cups, bottle, dishes, containers….  need more.

Midwest-Mold-MedicalMedical & Dental Applications

Are you a supplier to the medical or dental field? or are you a Doctor or Assistant that has a great idea that could go a long way if introduced to your peers?  Midwest Mold wants to help!  From IV bag clamps and connectors to rolling bed and wheelchair covers and trim items – we can do it all.  No matter what the volume – we’ve got the Medical and Dental fields covered.

Military Molds, Parts & Assemblies

Midwest Mold rises to the challenge for the high level demands of military applications.  From trim parts and shrouds for electrical, fuel, and radio controls to light weight, heavy duty cases for ammunition and artillery items for tanks, trucks, boats and airplanes, Midwest Mold’s quality standards protect from failure.

Midwest Mold RV PartsRecreational Vehicles (RV/Motorcycle/ATV)

Recreational Vehicles such as Motorcycles, Campers, Travel Trailers, All Terrain Vehicles and Golf Carts all contain parts manufactured either directly by Midwest Mold or on Plastic Injection molds built by Midwest Mold. No matter the application size or complexity, Midwest Mold would love to partner with you on your next on or off road, dirt or green venture.

Midwest Mold (8)Electronic, Telecommunication & Energy Related Products

Plastic Injected shrouds, connections and various other parts and assemblies made by Midwest Mold fit the telecommunications and power generation fields perfectly.  Ensuring a weather and/or tamper proof seal, these parts are versatile enough to fit or be engineered to fit any application.

Midwest Mold Appliance MoldsAppliance Handles, Frames, Braces and Other Plastic Parts

From providing parts like handles, connectors and braces for dishwasher and refrigerator assemblies to plastic valves, electric connectors options for major refrigeration and HVAC applications rely on Midwest Mold for precision plastic injected parts and assemblies. With an experienced track record of value and quality – Midwest Mold does it all.