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Rhino Camera Gear

Midwest Mold recently completed a project for Rhino Camera Gear. The Rhino System makes taking video or still photography to the next level easy. Not only is their product outstanding to work with so was the owner and inventor. Our team enjoyed making multiple parts that had to all work precisely for the seamless action..

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First Cheto Machine Sold In North America

  Fagor Automation USA Published on Jan 29, 2019 John Hill, of Midwest Mold Services, found himself in a situation that many mold shops have been facing today, capacity overflow from sub-suppliers. Since Midwest Mold’s debut in 1994, they had been outsourcing boring mill and gun drill work. But as of 2016, the use of..

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Performance Machinery Open House

Thursday, November 8th from 10am to 6pm. PERFORMANCE MACHINERY’S TECHNOLOGY DAY OPEN HOUSE! “The CHETO is a GAME CHANGER!”   “Had we settled for just a gundrill, we would have only solved one problem here.” “With the CHETO we solved multiple problems.” – John Hill, President of Midwest Mold – Midwest Mold Plant Tour from 1PM..

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