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Automation Changes EverythingRoku-Roku HC-658

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Automation Changes Everything   Midwest Mold has added another full modular cell to fully automate another part of their electrode manufacturing. This makes the second Roku-Roku machine and the second 3R Robot to keep production running unattended. For example, an automated cell integrating a Roku-Roku HC-658 can machine graphite electrodes to be stored and used..

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EDM ExpansionEDM Eagle 800 / 1200

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EDM Expansion   Midwest has expanded its EDM burning capability‚Äôs once again. With the edition of two more OPS Ingersoll Eagles, this doubles the CNC burning capacity. The Eagle 800 and the Eagle 1200 provides Midwest Mold with an outstanding advantage in the unattended burning. Now running virtually around the clock. Supported by plan ahead..

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Makino SNC64 With 3R WorkMasterMakino SNC64 With 3R WorkMaster

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Makino SNC64 With 3R WorkMaster   With the addition of a Makino SNC64 equipped with a System 3R WorkMaster Robot, Midwest has gained more unattended machining capability. The SNC64 vertical machining center is ideal for making high-accuracy graphite electrodes. Equipped with a Fanuc Pro A CNC Controller, 15 Place Tool Changer, Data Server, Spindle Chiller..

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