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First Cheto Machine Sold In North America

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  Fagor Automation USA Published on Jan 29, 2019 John Hill, of Midwest Mold Services, found himself in a situation that many mold shops have been facing today, capacity overflow from sub-suppliers. Since Midwest Mold’s debut in 1994, they had been outsourcing boring mill and gun drill work. But as of 2016, the use of..

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Performance Machinery Open House

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Thursday, November 8th from 10am to 6pm. PERFORMANCE MACHINERY’S TECHNOLOGY DAY OPEN HOUSE! “The CHETO is a GAME CHANGER!”   “Had we settled for just a gundrill, we would have only solved one problem here.” “With the CHETO we solved multiple problems.” – John Hill, President of Midwest Mold – Midwest Mold Plant Tour from 1PM..

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