Midwest Mold offers a cost-effective solution to challenges caused by parts that require the use of two different plastics. 2 Shot injection molding is a process that molds one part using two different plastic resins. This enabling technology allows you to use two colors of plastics or to integrate both hard and soft plastics into one part without any post-molding assembly.

With 2 shot molding, parts can include a clear window, integrated gaskets, movable segments, water shields, or sound or vibration reduction.


2 shot plastic injection molding enables the use of dissimilar resins to be used in a multi-part assembly. In some instances, a 2 shot mold application may include different colors and also soft and hard materials assembled together in in a single part.  Some of the benefits of 2 shot plastic injection molding include elimination of post-molding assembly, fewer injection molding machines to make a single part and reduced part handling by operators by utilizing a single molding operation.

Midwest Mold specializes in the design and build of 2 shot plastic injection molds and has successfully manufactured pre-production and production tooling for structural, water management, crash impact and noise reduction applications.


2 Shot Injection Molding Benefits

2 shot injection molding reduces the number of machines and molds required to mold two materials together into one part, and it minimizes part handling, all of which can add up to lower costs. In addition to financial benefits, 2 shot molding can provide:

  • Higher-quality, more durable parts
  • Less chance of defects
  • Expanded design possibilities
  • Ability to enhance look, feel, and ergonomics