Automotive Mold Maker

Midwest Mold had deep experience with automotive OEMs and tier suppliers having built production molds for interior trim parts such as A-Pillars, B-Pillars, C-Pillars, D-Pillars, consoles, arm rests and seat backs. In exterior trim, we’ve built tooling for grills, troughs, roof rails, side shields and badges. Door handles, dashboard components, console assemblies, shifter handles and assemblies, door sill and fuse box covers.

Midwest Mold is experienced in the automotive electric vehicle (EV) market through the development and manufacturer of tooling for electric vehicle(EV) components and battery boxes. With our expertise in mold design and manufacturing, we have successfully managed to build plastic injection molds for automotive EV components and battery boxes/trays. This began with pre-production projects and later transitioned into production tooling.

We have also produced automotive aftermarket parts such as gauge pods, aftermarket tachometers and tire pressure sensor for heavy truck applications.