Midwest Mold isn’t like other Prototype/Low Volume facilities. We have the experience and equipment to provide unparalleled speed, flexibility and support. We use our exceptional molding expertise to provide comprehensive technical guidance and tooling options for your project. We don’t just send a price estimate for a new project; we send an informed quote after learning about your needs. We pride ourselves on working closely with you from the start, making sure job specifications align with your project goals.

We’re also proud of our speed, providing short turnaround on injection molding services without sacrificing quality or precision. We’re constantly refining our production process, implementing new ways to reduce inefficiencies and shorten lead times for our customers. Whether you’re looking for short run production, rapid tooling or prototyping services we can help you find the best solution and deliver it quickly and efficiently.


Low volume plastic injection molding is driven by customers that have a continuous product development cycle or lower product demand.  Midwest Mold works with product developers, OEMs and tier suppliers to supply plastic injection molded parts for demanding specifications, timelines and budgets.

Low volume molding projects typically require less than 10,000 pieces per year and Midwest Mold has 100 ton, 165 ton and 330 ton plastic injection molding machines in-house and the ability to go larger as needed.

Our ideal customer for low volume molding places a high value on supplier relationships, understands price is one element of total cost and utilizes Midwest Mold as their preferred partner in plastic product development to solve problems, propose solutions and share best practices in tool design and optimized processing for shot to shot repeatability.

We encourage prospective customers to bring their next plastic development project to Midwest Mold to experience what our team has to offer firsthand!

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While many injection molding companies are starting to put much more emphasis on aluminum injection molds and tooling for its advantages over steel, Midwest Mold has been specializing in it for decades.

This process is ideal for someone who’s looking for prototypes and low volume manufacturing runs for their plastic parts. One might ask, what’s so special about aluminum injection molding and how can I utilize it for my injection molding needs?

  • Aluminum injection molds can save anywhere from 5%-30% in tooling costs compared to steel or other injection mold material choices.
  • Aluminum molds can provide up to a 40% reduction in cycle times for your plastic part manufacturing. See our case study on aluminum molds for more detail!
  • Aluminum molds aren’t just for prototyping and low volume manufacturing. QC-10 is a high strength aluminum alloy with costs much less than steel alloys.
  • Consider utilizing our custom steel inserts into an aluminum based injection mold, the strength won’t be sacrificed and neither will your tooling cost savings.
  • With optimized mold designing and machining; our aluminum molds have far exceeded its projected tool lifespan, providing our customers with even more savings and value added products.


If you have the “cant wait” mentality and are looking for physical examples of your plastic part ASAP, consider Midwest Mold for your rapid prototyping and prototype injection mold partner. We have 3D printing capabilities and can create and ship your product quickly and easily. Confused about what’s the best process for you? Take a look at our case study that compares 3D Printing vs. Low Volume Production to see which one suits your project best.

  • Orders per part run of 50-10,000 shots; up to 100,000 annually. (Negotiable)
  • Tolerances of +/- .005” standard; tighter tolerances per review of math data.
  • Turnaround time of one day to four weeks per review of data, based on part size, geometry, and volumes.
  • Geometric specifications of NC cut focus +/- .0005” with EDM and grinding to achieve tight tolerances. Undercuts, holes, clip details, etc. that are not in line of straight pull from mold may require action.
  • Same day cost and part feasibility in most cases.

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