Plastic injection molding

From toddler toys to zooming race cars, plastic injection molding technology is all around us. The popularity of injection molding as a manufacturing process is backed up by the multiple advantages that it offers.

Plastic injection molding, as the term states, is a process that involves injecting molten plastic into a mold to create different shapes/plastic parts. It is one of the most widely utilized manufacturing processes in the modern world when it comes to mass production of plastic parts.

Businesses of all sizes choose Midwest Mold for their single shot production and low volume tooling capabilities. We analyze the customer’s initial CAD data, determining areas for improvement based on project expectations and then begin designing, machining, and building the plastic injection mold to customer requirements. Whether customers are looking for 5 fast prototypes, 2 million production parts, or thousands of market ready consumer plastic parts, Midwest Mold provides cost friendly, quality-oriented solutions. In every project, customers experience our team’s depth in plastic mold development in a range of applications and materials.


Following are the top advantages of plastic injection molding

Flexibility of design

One of the key reasons behind the invention of plastic injection molding is the ability to be flexible in designs. The flexibility of the technique is one of the most remarkable features that attracts clients in need of plastic parts.

Precision with complex designs

The techniques used within plastic injection molding make it possible to create complex designs and add a large number of details to the parts. Since the injection molds are subjected to high pressure, the plastics get pressed harder which makes it possible to create complex designs.

Faster mass production

Injection molds are designed using Computer-aided designs (CAD) and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) processes. The designs are created as per customer specifications and are used to create the desired parts.

High Strength

Increased strength, durability and precision is an essential requirement of all industries. Lightweight but sturdy plastic parts are now being used even in the most rugged environments.