The ‘Factoring’ of Orthopedic Molding

Numerous injection molding technologies are used to manufacture orthopedic implants, instruments and other related products. Molders are constantly being challenged by smaller devices, more complex designs and high-performance polymers that are engineered to provide enhanced physical characteristics, such as stiffness and chemical and temperature resistance.

Although these advanced materials allow designers to be more innovative in their product designs, they also are more expensive and more challenging to mold.

The type of molding technology used to make an orthopedic part or product depends on a number of factors, including end use and operational environment, selected materials, product design, aesthetic appeal, budget and size of the production run.


As an example, Midwest Mold has produced 3 components and 2 different sizes for neck braces an assortment of different sizes and orientations for ankle supports in different resins depending on the customer’s specification. .