At Midwest Mold, we understand that changes are constant and our customers have different goals and objectives for their products. Whether they’re an engineering change in our case or a personal change made to better yourself, we all go through them.

What types of changes have you made recently? Whether it be business, lifestyle, or social feel free to share! Were you happy with the change? Do you think you would do it again? What type of results occurred from the changes?  Midwest has gone through some significant changes so far in 2014 and were not stopping there!

Midwest has purchased 3 brand new machines in the 2014 year. Take a look at our new CNC machine cutting through high grade material like a warm butter knife!

We are reinvesting back into ourselves. Adding employees, training, and equipment to further improve our process and overall customer satisfaction.

We have put more emphasis into 3D printing capabilities to expand our product offerings.

We are adjusting internal job duties and responsibilities to remain as efficient and proactive as possible.

The big picture? Overall, these changes were the right thing to do for Midwest Mold in order to keep providing our customers with quality and value filled plastic injection molds and parts. We’re excited for the future ahead and remember, if you’re going to change make sure it’s a change for the better!


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