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Mold Flow

Definition: Computer generated analysis of plastic resin flow within a runner, gate and cavity of a plastic injection mold. A pretty simple definition for a program that analyzes all critical functional areas of plastic product designs, reports potential failures and provides an analysis of other vital criteria like fill time, flow, pressures, temperatures, weld lines,..

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First Ever AMBA Dual Plant Tour Workshops

Hosted by   Eifel Mold & Engineering and Midwest Mold Services  Moldmakers Profit by Developing Niche Areas of ExpertiseTopic of Focus  Nothing can add more power to your business than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets. Creating competitive differentiation is a three-word action phrase that can sum up the strategies of..

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August 5TH 2014 Vote “YES” For a strong and safe MichiganMichigan Citizens Strong & Safe

If you are an employee or an employer in Michigan, this information is critical to you and needs to be shared with your family, friends and neighbors. Non business owners likely are unaware of what this proposal is or what it will do to help create and keep jobs in Michigan

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