If you are an employee or an employer in Michigan, this information is critical to you and needs to be shared with your family, friends and neighbors. Non business owners likely are unaware of what this proposal is or what it will do to help create and keep jobs in Michigan

MMA has announced our strong support for Michigan Citizens for Strong and Safe Communities’ campaign to help local small businesses create jobs while strengthening local community services – without raising taxes.

  • Stay informed by signing up for email updates at http://strongandsafecommunities.com
  • Be a part of the coalition for Michigan Citizens for Safe and Strong Communities by completing the online form
  • Share the importance of this reform by communicating with your employees. Attendees received a copy of the Michigan Citizens for Safe & Strong Communities Employer Tool Kit which is full of resources to help you. This resource is only for MMA members and should not be posted or distributed. If you’d like a copy of the Employer Tool Kit emailed to you, please contact kopietz@mimfg.org.
  • Share your thoughts on how PPT elimination will impact your business by emailing a testimonial to kopietz@mimfg.org

Be informed and be responsible in helping to make jobs available in Michigan for future generations. It is vitally important to receive a “yes” vote on the August 5th primary election to eliminate the Personal Property Tax (PPT). A “yes” vote will solve a long standing problem for small business by immediately eliminating the disincentive for investment while still providing reliable community funding.


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